AION Partners Overview

AION Partners has a proven track record of creating value by investing in under-capitalized and under-managed multifamily properties across the Mid-Atlantic region

Workforce Housing

Since 2011, AION has focused on building a portfolio of “Workforce Housing” assets in the Mid-Atlantic region

Value Add investment strategy

AION targets value-added opportunities which it can execute on via its established operating platform and hands-on management practices

Institutionalize housing stock

AION targets properties owned by “legacy owners” who have owned the properties for decades without institutional management

Vertically integrated

AION leverages its vertically integrated multifamily platform to source transactions and establish institutionalized management practices to deliver value to investors and partners

Operating Partner

AION Partners acts as the Operating Partner on value-add multifamily real estate investments across the U.S.

Our primary focus is to deliver superior, risk-adjusted returns to an exclusive investor group. We do so by surveying the macro-level real estate market, identifying undervalued and undercapitalized sectors with strong growth dynamics, and aggressively pursuing market- specific acquisitions.

We then get to work creating value while preserving yield; efficiently executing on our business plans by utilizing active management techniques and favorable access to the capital markets.